Stoneygate covers around 25 hectares and collectively represents one of the largest regeneration opportunities in Preston City Centre.

The masterplan framework and associated vision for Stoneygate is co-ordinating and encouraging the actions of both public and private sector partners in the regeneration and development of the area as a mixed use ‘urban village’.

The ongoing regeneration of Stoneygate Masterplan is supported by Preston’s multi-award-winning City Living Strategy in terms of developing a thriving residential offer in Preston City Centre.

About Stoneygate

Stoneygate is a large area, extending from the heart of Preston City Centre, and includes Queens Retail Park in the east and the Cardinal Newman College to the south. It comprises a number of distinct areas, which require complementary approaches to design and development.

The historic core around Stoneygate (the street) and up to Avenham Street is of a finer grain than other parts of the area, with a more intimate urban form, although in some places much of the built form has been lost. The Horrocks Quarter, east of Manchester Road, is on a bigger scale with more scope for large scale development. South of Queen street, aside from the substantial exception of Cardinal Newman College, the area mainly consists of residential development.

Historic core

The historic core of Stoneygate offers the real potential of mixing urban green space, heritage, landmarks, new and existing businesses. including creative industries, cafes and the like, with new homes in a vibrant and distinctive mix brought to life by much stronger footfall through and past the area – along Church Street, along Shepherd Street to the Horrocks Quarter; to new homes on Avenham Street; to the College and the rejuvenated communities along Queen Street.

The area clearly has the potential to develop as a location of interest to creative industries, micro businesses and other entrepreneurs willing to take on older, in some cases unloved, buildings. It, therefore, presents a unique opportunity and potential for a new piece of cityscape complementary to places such as Winckley Square, with its ongoing regeneration and refurbishment schemes and recent restoration of the Winckley Square Gardens.

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