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Rizwan Seth

Founder and Managing Director, Wrkspace

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(Sept 1st 2023 - August 31st 2024)

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Rizwan leads Wrkspace, a company which provides serviced office solutions. Wrkspace operates six business centres across Preston and Bolton, providing office space to over 150 clients. Rizwan is passionate about providing quality spaces for businesses to grow and flourish in the city of Preston, along with providing start up units for new businesses to help on their journey.

Why did you decide to become a PP board member?

I have lived in Preston all my life. When the opportunity to join Preston Partnership arose, I felt it was my chance to give back to the city which has helped me throughout the years. I believe there is a lot of potential to be realised in the city and am proud to be on Preston Partnership’s Board.

What is your Preston ambition?

I want to see an increase in the economic development of the city by retaining businesses to stimulate job creation, foster innovation, and entrepreneurship to support a diverse economy. I also want to see Preston enhance its public transport and connectivity, create more affordable housing and reduce homelessness, while attracting and retaining talent in the city.